James Rigney



Years designing and delivering high-quality learning opportunities

Peer-reviewed publications

Professional development and conference sessions delivered


Educator & Instructional Designer.

I am a life-long learner and educator (in that order!) currently positioned as an Assistant Professor in Teacher Education. My passion is for instructional design considered broadly as the shaping of powerful learning experiences across mediums and disciplines.

Having served as both a subject matter expert and instructional designer, I understand the complex and important relationship required to create impactful student learning. In my work, I bring more than 10 years of experience teaching at the secondary level and more than five years of experience teaching in higher education. Further, I have researched, published peer-reviewed manuscripts, and presented my course design and revision work at multiple national conferences.

Across my work as an educator, instructional designer, and writer, my foremost concern is ensuring my audience learns new content and skills deeply and efficiently. I deploy constructivist learning theory as I believe that learning involves revising students' mental models of the concepts at hand. Overall, my goal is to leverage my extensive background in teaching, my skills with learning management systems and technology tools, and my proficiency with communicating complex ideas to enable high-quality learning deliverables and positive learning outcomes.


Below are examples of course content, learning scaffolds, and writing projects that demonstrate my passion for and deep knowledge of teaching and learning.

Instructional Design Example

Course Creation and Redesign at the University of Florida

Instructional Tools

Sample Instructional Tools


Examples of multimedia created for various projects



James Rigney

Professional Experience

Assistant professor

2021 - Present

SUNY Plattsburgh, New York

  • Teach and design courses including Literacy for Elementary Teachers, Elementary ELA and Social Studies Methods, and Multicultural Competencies.
  • Supervise teacher candidate field placements.

Research and Teaching Assistant

2017 - 2021

University of Florida, Gainesville

  • Redesigned and taught Introduction to Education course across three semesters.
  • Taught, assisted, or developed courses including ELA Assessment Methods and Practitioner Research.
  • Presented 18 conference presentations and published 12 manuscripts as first author.

Middle and High School Teacher

2008 - 2017

Pasco High School; Boone High School; Imagine School North Port

  • Taught high school English II, III, IV, AP Literature and Digital Media Production, sixth-grade English and various social studies courses.
  • Recognized as a Florida High Impact Teacher (2017)
  • Oversaw publication of school yearbook, successfully managing a $60,000 budget and leaving a $5,000 surplus.


Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction


University of Florida

Recipient of Graduate School Preeminence Award, UF's most prestigious fellowship
Dissertation Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Dana

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction


University of South Florida, Tampa

B.S. in Journalism


University of Florida, Gainesville


Instructional Design

Proficient in Canvas and Moodle LMS.
Course assessment and learning activity design.
Skilled collaborator with SMEs.

Copy and research writing

Advanced writing skills.


Intermediate HTML and CSS
Advanced skills in Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office suite.
Video and sound editing experience.