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Module Week Overview Sample

Teaching in a Changing World

Welcome to Module 1

Before we begin, please watch the "Typecasting Teachers" video:

As should be obvious in the above video, the portrayal of teachers in popular media has been less than flattering. In your K-12 experience, you likely interacted with dozens of teachers, most of whom (I hope) were great, and perhaps a few who were less than stellar. (I hope none of them were as bad as the character played by Cameron Diaz!)

This first week will explore the profession of teaching. We'll explore questions such as, How do real teachers in the classroom react to an often difficult job? What trends are happening in teacher certification and retention? What types of demands are placed on teachers?

As in future modules, we'll begin by considering a controversy in education. In this case, we'll look at teacher strikes, why they happen, and whether or not they can lead to positive, long-lasting change. As in future modules, I've endeavored to find varied voices with contrasting perspectives. For example, see if you can identify which of the two articles comes from an organization skeptical of public education.

Then, your textbook will outline professional requirements for teachers, licensure, the market for teachers, and the importance of reflectivity. In the class discussion, you will have an opportunity to describe a memorable teacher as well as address the current controversy of whether or not teachers should be allowed to strike. Finally, running throughout all the modules, you will be introduced to faculty members in the College of Education.

Please keep in mind that though this first week talks about perhaps the most visible professional educator - the classroom teacher - that does not mean this course will only focus on teaching exclusively. Beginning next week, we will shift away from teaching toward the foundations of education - important topics no matter what roles you will take as an educator!


  1. Students will examine and discuss the attributes and ethical standards of a professional teacher.
  2. Students will understand the importance of teachers to society.
  3. Students will explore the current social and political situation of classroom educators.




  • Introduction to Course located in Start Here page
  • Module Video

Additional Resources

  • Chapter 1 Review PowerPoint

Your Tasks

Welcome to the Course (Start here)

  1. VIEW: Start Here Page and Introduction to the course video
  2. REVIEW: Syllabus
  3. COMPLETE: Syllabus Agreement Quiz (🗓 Due Wednesday)
  4. POST: Your video introduction (🗓 Due Wednesday)

Issues in Education

  1. POLL: Should teachers be allowed to strike? (🗓 Due Saturday)
  2. READ: When did the US stop seeing teachers as professionals? and What We've Learned as Teachers Go on Strike

Chapter 1: Teaching in a Challenging World

  1. READ AND REVIEW: Chapter 1 At A Glance and Chapter 1: "Teaching in a Challenging World"
  2. WATCH: "Careers in Education" Videos
  3. POST AND RESPOND: Module 1 Discussion (🗓 Due Sunday)

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