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Module Discussion Sample


To make our discussions more personable, you've been placed into a group. You can choose to answer either one of the following questions or you can answer both in your post. It is up to you! Remember to adhere to the 350-word limit for your initial post and to return to post at least two responses by the due date.

Discussion Question 1: Think back to your own career as a student. Picture in your mind a teacher who made a lasting impression on you; someone who you have looked up to ever since as an example of the kind of teacher that you would like to be. Chances are that the teacher you have selected in your mind possesses most of the traits that are considered by experts as the dispositions necessary for successful teachers. Revisit Figure 1.6 “A Great Teacher” at the end of Chapter 1 and discuss any of the dispositions listed that describe that teacher and illustrate why each of them contributed to the success of that teacher.

Discussion Question 2: Many of you just finished your K-12 schooling experience. How well do the two articles we read regarding teacher strikes align with your experiences? Were teachers treated like - and act like - professionals? Has your position changed on the question as to whether teachers should be allowed to strike since reading the chapter and the articles? This first week will explore the profession of teaching. We'll explore questions such as, How do real teachers in the classroom react to an often difficult job? What trends are happening in teacher certification and retention? What types of demands are placed on teachers?

Remember to refer to the textbook with the proper citation including the page number. Since it's your first post, I'll help you with citations. Our textbook would be cited like this:
(Johnson, Musial, Hall, & Gollnick, 2017)
The Harvard Business Review article would be cited in-text like this:
(Bruno, 2018)
Refer to this website to understand how to cite the other web article, and don't forget to add the page number for our textbook!

Due Dates:

🗓 Initial response by Thursday

🗓 Two posted responses to classmates by Sunday